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About us

Berwickshire Swap is a Scottish charity supporting children and families struggling with clothing poverty. We organise and deliver children's clothing, toy, book and baby equipment swap events. Alongside helping families to live more sustainably, our events are aimed towards supporting a more circular economy, keeping good quality children's clothing and items out of landfill. In addition to this we also provide an emergency clothing parcel service that runs on a referrals basis where we work alongside health visitors, social workers and schools.

Established in Reston in East Berwickshire in 2019, the organisation became a Scottish charity in 2020. Our warehouse and base is in Eyemouth, a small, Berwickshire coastal town but our swap events are peripatetic as we travel and deliver events throughout Berwickshire, the Central Borders as well in East Lothian.

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

Our aim is to help families live more sustainably whilst tackling clothing poverty and deprivation.


We run regular clothing swaps and events in accessible locations across Berwickshire , throughout the Scottish Borders and also in East Lothian. At our events, we provide good quality, pre-loved clothing and children’s toys & books as well as baby equipment and children's furniture that have all been donated to us by people and families within our communities. For a £1 entry fee, attendees can then choose and take away as much as they need at no extra cost. We offer a range of children's clothing sizes from birth up to 12 years +.


Berwickshire Swap was founded in 2019 by a small group of families who recognised that people didn’t have many accessible options for children’s clothing within rural Berwickshire. As well as the rising costs of living, it was clear that there was not only a need but also a great interest in swapping children’s clothing and toys. 


We encourage a ’families helping families’ approach and aim to reduce the stigma that secondhand means second best.


For more information about what we do, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Our Supporters

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