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Help us fight clothing poverty and deprivation

We organise and deliver children's clothing swaps with donations of pre-loved items. 

Donate no longer used children's clothing, baby items, toys and books to us today and we'll get them to those in need.

Live more sustainably and help us create a circular economy with less children's clothes ending up in landfill.

Children Playing Outdoor

Berwickshire Swap is a Scottish charity supporting children and families struggling with clothing poverty. We organise and deliver children's clothing, toy, book and baby equipment swap events.

Alongside helping families to live more sustainably, our events are aimed towards supporting a more circular economy, keeping good quality children's clothing and items out of landfill.

In addition to this we also provide an emergency clothing parcel service that runs on a referrals basis where we work alongside health visitors, social workers and schools.

About Us


Our Achievements

children's clothes swap

In 2023, we helped to provide clothing for over 1,600 children. 

emergency clothing parcels

In 2023, our Emergency Clothing Parcel service sent out over 2,100 pieces of clothing and
baby equipment to children and families in need.

across the borders

In 2023, we held a total of 29 swap events across the Scottish Borders and East Lothian.

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